​​​​Port Services

Shrink Wrapping

Completely covering the boat helps to keep out rodents and protect canvas from bird droppings, dust and debris. Because it is heat tensioned, shrink wrap eliminates water, debris, and other damages that may occur during shipping..

After Boat Wrapping

Boat Strapping

Boat Strapping allows for the vessel to be secured to a platform during shipping.  Done properly, boat strapping ensures your investment arrives at the destination port securely and with no jostling during transport across land, or sea.

Shrink Wrap Cargo Strapping

Loading Shrink Wrap Sport Fishing Boat on Container Ship

Boat Strapping Shipping Container

Sport Fishing Boat Shrink Wrap and Strapped on Container Ship


Strapping Vehicles during transport helps to keep stationary and prevents damage from movement in the container.

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